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Kiraz Group of Companies, located in the Mediterranean port city of Mersin, have been active  in large field of industries from dry- liquid bulk storage  to logistic and consulting services within 5 companies in its constitution since 1998.  Kiraz Group of Companies provides storage services for oil, oil derivatives, liquid chemicals and bulk dry cargo in fully equipped tank terminals, type (A) customs bonded and  non-bonded warehouses.

In addition to the storage services Kiraz Group supplies various chemicals in corporation with TACO Chemical and distributes 1,4-butanediol, methanol, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) to Turkey and nearby countries.


Free Trade Zone;

  • 2 tank terminals with  a total capacity of 46.000 m³ spread over 19 tanks in various sizes
  • 2 warehouses with a total capacity of 2.700 m²
  • Cement storage and packaging facility with a capacity of 1500 m²
  • Tallow Fatty Acid Production Plant with a capacity of 300 m/t monthly


In Mersin;

  • Type (A) customs bonded warehouse with a capacity of  10.658 m²
  • National tank with a capacity of 2,700 m³
  • Non-bonded Warehouse with a  capacity of 15.000 m²


Kiraz  always renews its service areas across the changing and developing technological progress and always makes modernization to answer the customers’ demands as quick as possible to this end, ongoing comprehensive training and eductional programs are given to all staff .

Main objective is to ensure customer satisfaction whilst maintaining the quality, safety and environmental care demanded at each stage of any required operation.



Adres: Karaduvar Mah. Serbest Bölge 11. Cad. No: 27 Akdeniz/Mersin
Telefon: +90 (324) 239 03 10 - 11 Fax: +90 (324) 239 03 12 E-Posta: info@kirazgroup.com
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