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Our Mission

To provide customers with high quality integrated oil logistics services including storage, and transportation.

Adding value to the chemical industry and the port of Mersin Free Zone.

We believe in ”Responsible Care” safe operations and environmental protection form the cornerstone of our services.

Using continuous improvement in a TEAM environment to develop employee capabilities to their full potential.

Using technology to be innovative, profitable, safe and environmentally sensitive.

Striving to achieve long-term relationships as a valued partner to our customers.


Our Vision

We aim to become the T70; 1 choice for all storing requirements in TURKEY.

To reach this our number one priority is to provide an outstanding service to our customers. This includes; communication, availability and all round reliability.

Our great reputation is built on the quality of our products, reliability of service, value for money and solid integrity. We will be out to maintain this and add to it by providing the best impartial advice to our customers.

Our aim is to become indispensable to our customers and we believe that reliability is the only guarantee for repeat business.

We deliver our promise to both colleagues and customers.

Our team, with a committed, honest and positive mindset, will work to ever improving structures and systems of standard work practice based on internal and external feedback. This ensures consistency, reliability, traceability and aids the constant enhancement of our company and its competitive advantages.

We are a progressive and innovative company who encourage an ‘out of the box’ approach when looking for ways to improve efficiencies and to cut waste in all areas of our business. We have defined lines of communication which are insisted on, as we believe that this is the key to the success.


Adres: Karaduvar Mah. Serbest Bölge 11. Cad. No: 27 Akdeniz/Mersin
Telefon: +90 (324) 239 03 10 - 11 Fax: +90 (324) 239 03 12 E-Posta: info@kirazgroup.com
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