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Tank statistics and calculations:

Total 19 tanks (46000m3) that settled in our terminal, were produced concerning the products of which tank statics (side sheet irons and main calculation) calculation is in 1.80 density.
As results of this calculation , tank’s hardwares are totally 10 hardwares (15 m ) that 2x14mm, 2x12mm, 2x10mm, 4x10mm. Ground sheet irons were produced as 8 mm , ceiling sheet irons were produced as 6 mm. All materials that are used in our institution have necessarry certificates and TSE document.


General knowledge about tanks:

There are 6 inch’s input-output circuits and 4 inch’s drain circuits in each tank. There  are 2 pieces 6 inch’s breathing , measuring and getting sample manhole on the roof of the tank.The whole electric  system of our terminal is ex-proof. There are totally 25 different sized , immobile and mobile pumps that are used due to kind of product.


Loading – unloading of ship:

Ship operations are made through 4 pieces 6 inch’s wipe lines in quay of Free Trade Zone. Accepted quantitiy of unloading from ships to our institution is changed between 150 and 550 m/ tones. Quantity of loading from terminal to ships is between 125 and 300 m/tones due to kind of product.


Loading – unloading of tankers:

22 loading of vehicle can be done from tanks to tankers at the same time.(oil group 12 vehicles , alcohol group 6 vehicles , chemicals 4 vehicles) 4 unloading of vehicles can be done from tankers to our institution at the same time. These numbers can be increased by changing of design.


Tank heating system:

There is 2 inch’s antigorite circuit in all tanks in our terminal. Height of antigorite circuit from ground sheet iron is 15 cm. Heating is provided by different sized ,3 pieces , totally 3500000 k/call’s steam boiler.  All of loading-unloading lines have heating system.  All wipe lines in terminal and some of our tanks are fully hardware isolated.


Tank cooling system:

There are sprins that are feeded from totally 2 artesian wells in order to avoid fugacity of products due to feature of product. Cooling system  works in time scheduled automation.



Our institution is in the borders of MERSİN FREE TADE ZONE and is kept eye on by fully equipmented and educationed security staff that is provided by the admistrator of Free Trade Zone ( MESBAŞ ) during 24 hours. Moreover Our institution is watched during 24 hours by security cameras . Moreover we have experienced day-night security staff and security dogs that were specially grown.


Fight withR03; fire:

There are foam systems in each tank, fire extinquishing equipments ( mobile foam cars , extinquisher , fire cupboard ) fire water wipe lines are designed in each part of the terminal. Fire water is provided by diesel pump from 2 artesian wells. Moreover our company made a speical contract with ATAŞ terminal and neighbour institution about fight with fire. Fire water circuit is connected with these institutions.



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